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Are You Frustrated With Your Current SEO Company? Feel Like You’re Having The Wool Pulled Over Your Eyes?

At A Glance, Here’s What Makes Mini Digital Web Design & SEO Services Different….

• All work is carried out by 2 blokes in their mid forties from Birmingham. There’ll be no subbing work out to Mumbai.

• We each have over 20 years of industry experience, as well as having worked in engineering and insurance.

• We’re designers, so we know how to design a website for maximum user impact and engagement.

• We’re writers, so we know grammar and how to write interesting engaging website content.

• We’ll be honest with you. We are perfectly comfortable with telling our clients exactly what we’re doing to help their business.

• We know there are no magic tricks when it comes to SEO. It’s about hard graft and consistency, not secret recipes.

• We don’t flog dead horses. If an approach isn’t working for a particular business, we’ll quickly alter our tactics accordingly.

• We don’t give false hope. We will only take on clients who we know we can help.

“A Customer Focused Business”

“Customer Focused” can simply be a bit of a buzz word with some companies which doesn’t really mean a lot. The Mini Digital team view this term differently. We work with many start ups and existing companies where the budget is tight and our clients want to maximise their return on investment. Although we need to use high end computer technology to do our work, we don’t work from a flashy design studio which costs us a fortune in rent every month. By keeping our business costs as low as possible, we can pass the cost saving on to our clients and help them to get a cutting edge web presence at a fraction of the cost of some City Centre companies who need to cover huge rent bills by charging the earth for their services.

“A Wealth Of Experience And A Diverse Set Of Skills”

The Mini Digital Team have been working in the web design and search engine marketing field since its infancy and in the digital design industry since the early nineties. A lot has changed over the years at an increasingly rapid pace and it’s vital for companies like ours to keep up to speed with the latest developments.

“A Thirst For Knowledge”

Much of what we do is governed by the requirements of the latest Google search algorithm and so we ensure that we’re bang up to date there too, so that we can build our clients a cutting edge website that can be future proofed and won’t be obsolete within 12 months of launch.

We have loads of experience from having worked in different industry sectors.

We can make slideshow videos.

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